Thursday Night Round Table Question of the Session

Join us every Thursday evening at 8:30pm for a Round Table qso.  This is an informal round table type QSO.  Any topic can be discussed and brought up by anyone participating.  We are looking for volunteers to take a turn hosting the weekly round table.  New check ins are always welcome and encouraged.

146.985 Mhz, minus offset, PL 100.0 The W3GMS repeater has a 3 minute Time Out Timer (TOT), all that is needed is a momentary un-key (PTT) of the repeater’s input, no need to let the repeater drop.

If you would like to submit a question to be discussed during the Round Table, see Question of the Session

We are looking for our listeners and participants of the 985 Thursday Night Round Table to please submit their questions and/or subjects that they would like to be discussed during our weekly Round Table on Thursday evenings at 830pm Eastern time on W3GMS repeater 146.985  located in Parkesburg, PA.  The Round Table has evolved into the best weekly informal discussion in PA, Southern NJ, Northern DE and MD!  Please feel free to submit your “Question of the Session” in the “leave a comment”.

Click here to see the Question Pool



  1. A proposed question: Have you met any really interesting people through your ham radio connections and, if applicable, how have they affected you?


  2. Topics for discussion:

    What was your first car and your memory that went along with it?

    What is your favorite restaurant & dish in the 985 listening area. ( Better eat dinner before this chat )

    Spring Break – Where was your favorite vacation place and why? Is it a place that you returned to?

    Have you ever received a strange gift? What was it?


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