Join Jerry, W3EMF, every Monday evening at 8:00 PM for the weekly WorkBench.


The WorkBench is for all amateur radio operators regardless of experience or license level. This will be a place to discuss in detail the questions that you may have. The format is designed so that specific questions will be able to be answered first, then further discussion to follow. The goal is to provide you with any and all information you need to help you reach your goals as amateur radio operators. There is quite a lot of experience on the repeater also a great number of newly licensed. This is a place to come together and further the hobby.

One comment

  1. Good workbench net last night… got some valuable advice from Chuck NA3CW on fixing my latest electronics project, a guitar effects pedal kit for my brother based around the LM833 dual op-amp. Works great now, thanks Chuck! We also heard from our host Jerry W3EMF about antennas *literally* made out of trees (see, along with a quick hello from a different Jerry, WC8R in Berks County who was enjoying a strong signal into the repeater tonight, and lastly Bob W3RCR stopped by for a few minutes before the end of the net.


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