#117 Thursday Night RT with W3GMS

Join Joe, W3GMS as he hosts the Thursday Night RT on 146.985,
Thursday @ 830 pm EDT
Looking for Hosts to host future sessions.
You are invited to join us in the best weekly rag chew in the area:
      The 985 Round Table… Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.
   on the W3GMS repeater  —  146.985 MHz; PL 100.0
The repeater website is www.w3gmsrepeater.com
New to the roundtable?  Checking-in late?  Can’t stay very long?
That’s fine; check-in anyway!  You are always welcome…
and the roundtable often lasts until about 10:00.
–  –  –
To avoid the first syllable of your transmission being cut off, wait one second before talking.  Click, Wait, Talk.
Willing to serve as a roundtable host from time to time?  Feel free to contact Jim, AF3Z – jagoudie@comcast.net, or Phil, KC3CIB – kc3cib@gmail.com for helpful information and to discuss scheduling
Don’t let yourself be cut off!  There is a 3-minute timer on the repeater and it will cut you off if you talk too long.  Never fear.  You can reset it very easily; simply let up on press-to-talk button for a moment.  There’s no need to wait for the repeater carrier drop. (If your rig has a time-out timer, set that for 3 minutes (180 seconds) and it will remind you to reset.)

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