This announcement comes from SPARC – K3IR – S. PA. Amateur Radio Club.  If you wish, you can pass it along:
From the estate of Robert E. Montgomery K3WMH (SK) we are announcing an amateur radio flea market to be held starting at 8 AM on Saturday July 11th, 2020 till ?? 
CASH & CARRY – NO checks, no charge cards, no returns!!!! 
Location is 212 South 11th Street in Akron PA (Park along the street!) 
The following equipment is available -this is not a complete list: (Google research this equipment!)
Kenwood TM-241 (Works 100%) minimum $50
Kenwood TM-261 (Works 100%) minimum $50
Johnson Viking 6N2 Transmitter (make offer)
Multi-Elmac AF-67 with PS2 Power Supply (make offer)
Radio Shack DX-394 General Coverage Receiver (Works 100%) $75
Astatic D-104 microphone and many handheld microphones (make offer)
Vibroplex Bug (make offer)
Ten Tec Model 1320 20-meter QRP Radio works (make offer)
Ten Tec Argonaut Model 505 5-watt QRP Radio with Power supply (Powers up, receives, a project ra-dio!) (make offer)
Drake TR33C (No receive or transmit-project radio for nostalgia) (make offer)
Mirage D-15 UHF ATV amp with blown final (project amp) (make offer)
Mirage BF-35 VHF/UHF Combination amp (works 100%-sold for $300 new!) (Minimum $100)
Several Astron 13.8 volt power supplies (make offer)
There are four garages full to the brim with 50 years of hamfest purchases
HF Monobanders looks like 20-15-10 and even 6 meters (Parts, pieces, whole antennas)
Numerous UHF beams and ATV antennas, Ringo Rangers, KW Hustler Coils and mobile antenna stuff
Wire- Wire all kinds of wire coax, copper-weld, CATV hardline, ¼” hardline, guy wire, turnbuckles
Tubes-resistors-capacitors-connectors of all kinds
All kinds of assorted tools
Tripods-camera equipment-audio equipment
Let’s make it simple-the four garages were that full plus the attic that there is literally a path about 18” wide and that’s it. You have to see it to believe it. There is something here that you will need, guaranteed Bring enough small bills $1, $5, $10, $20 so we don’t need to make change!

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