FYI, John, K3CNI, health is failing.

Bobb, KB3ZIM received an email from K3CNI’s daughter about her father John.

John, is a long time user of 985 and a regular attendee of the breakfasts.

A message from John, K3CNI, Daughter:

My father, John Chromy, (K3CNI) health is failing.  He has talked about the breakfast group and would like to see everyone one more time.  He can no longer drive and riding in the car for any length of time would be a problem.

I wonder if you or someone else might be able to call him?

John Chromy   302-994-7412        

thanks,   Susan Anderson

In regards to timing:

Evenings might be best, he has a standard check-in call at 8 pm, so you would want to work around that.  If you leave a message on the answering machine I am not sure he will check it.  Unless he is at the dining room table or at a medical appointment he will be next to the phone! He has a caregiver from 11 to 3,  more or less, every day and she will answer the phone.  I think a long ride in anyone’s car is probably not best at this point.


One thought on “FYI, John, K3CNI, health is failing.

  1. Have susan anderson get a hold of me this is brian Gawenus john is my uncle i called him today and talk for a little bit my phone is 5017817520 or 5012628645 cell or via my facebook


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