Apology from AF3Z

Sorry for the multiple, incomplete announcements about this week’s Roundtable! Every time I think I’ve got this website stuff figured out, I come up with another way to sabotage my efforts ;-). I’m learning… I hope.

So again, my apologies…. 73 – Jim

2 thoughts on “Apology from AF3Z

  1. Jim – not sure what you are talking about, guess one needs to be closer
    to it to see that – don’t be so hard on yourself though!  Your presence
    in this small part of ham world is a blessing for us all.  I’m in the
    throes of getting active again but on an Allstar link this time, so I
    thought I had been paying attention too!!!  Looking forward to renewing
    older friendships and making new ones very soon!  You just keep on
    trucking, you know!




    1. Thanks, Gene. The kind words are appreciated! I think I ended up sending out several emails by accident (or more accurately, by incompetence) that mentioned the RoundTable, but did not include the information–the main body of the message. So I was simply apologizing for sending out so much messed up email! 😉 I’m gradually learning how to do this website stuff. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing you via AllStar.
      Jim AF3Z


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