985 Online Hamfest

This is the place for users of the repeater to list any ham related or not, stuff for sale, for trade, for free or wanted. Post your items for sale in the comment (Leave a reply) section.  Any posts MUST have your callsign or it will be deleted.  Pictures can be emailed to KC3CIB and I will add them to the page.  If posting multiple items, please list them separately.  If your email is not on QRZ, please leave a email address in your post.  Please, if an item is sold or pending sale, make a note with your listing.  Posts may be removed after one month or may stay on if a moderator is notified that an item has yet to be sold  

1 Signalink with 13 pin accy cable – $50
1 Rigblaster Pro – $50
Yeasu FT-3200DR – $100
Icom IC-706Mii – $400
Contact Corbin KC3HXW
Icom IC-F5061D
Land mobile works tx/Rx
Will need programmed for use.
No microphone or any other accessories.
75$ obo
THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE FOR SALE 11-24-2019  Contact N4SEN via  email kevdpl@gmail.com
1. Yaesu FT 840 HF transceiver – $375
2. Yaesu FT 757 HF transceiver – $325
3. Solarcon 10-11 M vertical antenna – $50 SOLD
4. Yaesu table mic – $50
5. MFJ CW transceiver integrated station $75 (includes the following)
   * MFJ 9040 40m transceiver
   * MFJ 971 portable tuner
   * MFJ 4114 rechargeable power pack
6. ANI LD210 TNC – $10
7. Ameritron remote coax switch RCS-4 HF/VHF – $50 SOLD

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE “MAKE AN OFFER” PRICING: Contact N4SEN via email kevdpl@gmail.com


Gonset 3-30 converter.makes car radio a short wave receiver, free
ARC5 receiver, 150-550 kcs $9
Collins PS, 12 volt in, for KWM2. $150 or negotiate
Mobile support for KWM2, $50
Hammarlund HQ-150, with added digital frequency readout and HQ speaker $165 or?
Kwick-patch Phone patch $5
Heathkit balun, air wound coils, adjustable free
Weston Model 785 Industrial circuit tester v old free
Other “stuff” collected since 1956.
Cyclone Super 60 model airplane engine free
Arden .099 model airplane engine free




free to relist any items if they are deleted.  


  1. Hello All!

    I am cleaning out my shack. The following are for sale:

    1 Signalink with 13 pin accy cable – $50
    1 Rigblaster Pro – $50
    Yeasu FT-3200DR – $100
    Icom IC-706Mii – $400
    Contact Corbin KC3HXW

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    1. de KB3ZIM Aron, a guy from Coatesville that’s new to the repeater (he’s been at a breakfast or two), may be interested in your SignaLink or RigBlaster. I see on QTH.com that you are selling your IC-7000. You may have sold it by now, but if not, I’m intrigued 🙂 Anyway, email me at robert@rayner.tv I’ll see if Aron might be interested in your SignaLink.

      73 de Bobb, KB3ZIM

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