985 Online Hamfest

This is the place for users of the repeater to list any ham related or not, stuff for sale, for trade, for free or wanted. Post your items for sale in the comment (Leave a reply) section.  Any posts MUST have your callsign or it will be deleted.  Pictures can be emailed to KC3CIB and I will add them to the page.  If posting multiple items, please list them separately.  If your email is not on QRZ, please leave a email address in your post.  Please, if an item is sold or pending sale, make a note with your listing.  Posts will be removed after one month or may stay on if a moderator is notified that an item has yet to be sold.

Two complete National stations for sale (04-17-2019)


Please see W3GMS post below for info.


free to relist any items if they are deleted.  


  1. I have two Yaesu FT-2900r’s for sale. They are 2m mobiles with 75w high power. Both work and are in excellent condition. I also have one programming cable for them.

    I am asking $125 each or best offer.


  2. “W3GMS is listing this for his friend, Joe-WA3UVP.

    Two complete 60’s vintage National Radio stations for sale. The first, is a National 5 band NCX 5 transceiver which also includes the matching power supply and speaker and the NCL 2000 linear 1KW DC input amplifier. The second is identical to the first, except the transceiver is a NCX 3, 3 band transceiver. I would like to sell both stations together if possible. Both stations for $925.00 which is a great price. Both stations are fully operational. I have the manual for the NCX 5 only. Others are available on line. This station was a Howard Mills restoration and in very nice condition. Pictures are pending. Pickup of the gear would be required! 73- Joe WA3UVP (note: email is good on QRZ.com)”


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