985 Thursday Night Round Table

Join us every Thursday evening at 8:30pm for a Round Table qso.  This is an informal round table type QSO.  Any topic can be discussed and brought up by anyone participating.  We are looking for volunteers to take a turn hosting the weekly round table.  New check ins are always welcome and encouraged.  This is a place and time to come together and further the hobby.

Technical questions may be asked during the RT.  If you more in depth, one on one  discussion is needed, a discussion following the end of the RT, or a discussion can be scheduled for a future mutual time.

146.985 Mhz, minus offset, PL 100.0 The W3GMS repeater has a 3 minute Time Out Timer (TOT), all that is needed is a momentary un-key (PTT) of the repeater’s input, no need to let the repeater drop.

If you would like to submit a question to be discussed during the Round Table, see Question of the Session