985 Thursday Night Round Table

Join us every Thursday evening at 8:30 p.m. for the .985 Roundtable.  This is an informal discussion where we pass the mic around the ‘table.’  The host usually suggests a question or so for discussion.  In addition, each person on the Roundtable is welcome to bring up other topics, experiences and questions.  New stations are always welcome and encouraged to check in.  This is a place to come together informally, strengthen our friendships, and take our hobby a little farther…

Technical questions are welcome on the Roundtable.  At times, more in-depth discussion will be needed to answer a question well and so it may be suggested to take that question to the Monday Night Workbench on .985… or meet at a later time to finish the discussion.

A few details that may be helpful:

146.985 Mhz, -600 Khz offset, TX PL tone – 100.0 Hz,  For tone squelch on receive use 94.8 Hz (that is optional and note that some rigs don’t provide for using two different tones).

The W3GMS repeater has a 3-minute Time Out Timer (TOT).  If you transmit for more than three minutes, the repeater will simply turn off and we’ll all just sit in silence waiting for you to let up on your mic button ;-).  To avoid timing it out, let up on your mic button (PTT) for an instant, before your 3 minutes is up.  As you press the PTT again to continue your transmission, the timer will reset for another 3 minutes.