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Technical articles written by our users of 985:

Getting Started with the Code, 2nd edition

The Ham’s Toolbox- Part 1: Digital Multimeters- The Hidden Difference

Power Seduction, Part 97 

So What’s Happening Inside My Coax?

So What’s Happening Inside My Coax? Part 2

Radiation Patterns of Mobile Antennas: What are those? Which antenna is best?

Compromise HF Antennas

Vintage Radio – Alive and Well

Mobile Antenna Placement Effects

Does it matter how long my coax line is?

Giving Signal Reports when going thru a Repeater

Why Open Wire Fed Dipoles Need To Be Balanced

RST Reports and How To Give Them

A Ham’s Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing by K9YC

K9YC Homepage, link to some great well written articles by an expert

Impedence for Mechanics


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