985 Repeater users in action

June 27-28, 2020, ARRL Field Day 2020

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June 7, 2020

KC3NZT and KC3CIB hilltopping on top of Mt Penn.  Harvey logged 15 contacts in less than 2 hours on 146.52 FM simplex.  Equipment: 80 Amp AGM, FT-897, Elk periodic beam antenna.  Was a lot of fun!

image0 (3)

View from Mt Penn

image0 (2)

KC3NZT working the Elk periodic vertically polarized

image0 (1)

KC3CIB trying to make a 2m SSB contact.



May 15, 2020

The “Crew” taking a 60′, one piece tower down.  NOTE: Do NOT plant trees or have an in-ground pool, in the “fall zone” of a hinged base tower!  The tower was lifted with the help of a crane, over the house.  New owner W3NTB.  Photos by W8CRW and W3GMS

IMG_4662IMG_4654DSC_0321DSC_0327DSC_0341IMG_4664IMG_4667DSC_0349DSC_0353DSC_0369Article from the Daily Local 9-22-1969

Friday Nighters article 1Friday Nighters article 2

Tower footer work at GMS Radio (Dylan or Tyler telling Joe he’s doing it wrong! HiHi)


Net Control Ops for the AWA PM AM Net

Daniel KC3FKR Co-hosting with W3GMS. (hmm, FKR looks like he’s doing all the work)