Hints & Tips

…from the users of 985

  • Contour gauge… for copying complex contours
  • Practicalantennas.com/construction/masts/ – help with winding up cables, wires, and more…
  • Forj Thermoplastic tape – thermal plastic tape – use with a heat gun
  • Goo Gone — for removing adhesive residues, etc.
  • WD-40 – cleaning saw tabletops, old radios with black crinkle finishes; for loosening bolts, cleaning permanent marker off equipment panels (spray WD-40 on a rag and wipe with the rag) 
  • PB Blaster — for loosening rusted bolts, shafts, etc.
  • DeOxit D5 Contact Cleaner
  • Jewelers Screwdrivers — come in handy often
  • Epoxy on the end of a dowel — for extracting something broken off…
  • Beeswax — apply to old dial cords to stop them from slipping;  also put some on the end of a nail to avoid splitting the wood — some old hammers had a hole in the end of the handle for beeswax!
  • Solder choice: Kester 44, rosin core – industrial standard
  • SharkBite plumbing fitting removal: try an open-end adjustable wrench — tighten so it just slides along the pipe; pull up against the SharkBite fitting to remove
  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser for cleaning cabinets and such
  • Use a glue syringe-needle for applying cleaner, oil, etc, just where it is needed
  • GoJo hand cleaner (without pumice!!) – for cleaning dirty wooden antique radio cabinets!  
  • Conductive grease from Palstar – for lubricating roller inductors and other sliding contacts
  • Toothbrushes— one (A) to apply a cleaner/polish, second (P) to polish
  • Use a second radio to check the audio of the transmitted signal on the first; care must be taken to avoid feedback caused by the radio used to monitor your signal!