Echolink Project on 985

02-24-2020 update

Well, today, I had some time to work on the Echo Link / Live Feed gear, with the exception of the Rasberry Pi digital stuff.   Actually I have chosen to use (2) Rasberry Pi’s.   I will be using K3DZM’s for the live feed and a separate one for the Echo Link.   That way, if one “craps out”, at least we will still be on the air with another one.  All of this will be backed up with a UPS system.  The top unit is a dual channel DBX processor.  One channel will feed the up-link, sending audio from the Echo Link to the repeater site.  The second channel in the DBX will feed the downlink audio from the repeater.  It will deliver equal audio volume into the Echo Link node.  The dual channel DBX unit works perfect for that. The unit below it is a graphic equalizer to equalize the shape of the audio of both the downlink and uplink audio. Its also a dual unit in one rack space.   Below those two units is a blank rack panel.  Ultimately the (2) Rasberry Pi’s will be located behind that panel. Below that panel, is the UHF link transceiver.  This is a commercial style link transceivers and has all the audio and PTT connections I need on the back of the rig.  That will feed an M2 -11 element 440 Yagi.  And lastly, the power supply on the bottom is rated at 35A so it will loafing along with the link XCVR running a couple of watts.  All the way down, is a rack mounted power strip.  So there you go!

Its a start!

Echo Link - Live Feed Equiptment


12-10-2018 The Echolink Project for 985 has begun!  The first link antenna, M2 11 El ement UHF yagi, has been installed on the repeater tower with 7/8″ hardline.  Stayed tuned for more updates.


N2HM, Bob, installing the link antenna.  12/10/2018