4 thoughts on “Drone 985 tower inspection

  1. Thanks very much for the video Ken! That is awesome and besides being neat, it serves a very important purpose for looking at things up the tower. I don’t like the puddling at the base of the tower. I think in time, it could damage the bolts that keeps the tower up.


  2. Hello All,
    I was glad to do it, but I couldn’t do it without the help of Phil KC3CIB.
    Thanks Phil !
    Also the Drone was in the “Beginners” mode and it would not allow me to go above 100 feet. That is why you don’t see the video going above the tower.
    This Drone happens to be a newer one of mine so I need to get more familial with it before going full throttle. It was a little breezy too so it wasn’t the steadiest that it could had flown. Hope everyone enjoys it. All the Best…73 Ken


  3. Hello, I’d love to know what model antennas are on the tower. I thought I might have spotted a Hustler model UHF antenna about half way up. I could not tell what’s mounted at the top or on the standoff just below. Thanks!


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