#235 Thursday Night RT with W3GMS

Join Joe, W3GMS for the Thursday Night RT on 146.985, Thursday @ 830 pm Eastern Time.   The best weekly scheduled rag chew in the area every Thursday @830 pm.

Check out the new forumhttps://w3gmsrepeater.forumotion.com146.985- MHz;TX PL 100.0RX PL 94.8 (RX PL is NOT required, Optional)  

Technical questions can be asked during the RT.  If the answers require a more in depth, one on one discussion, a session can be done after the RT or scheduled for another time.   Looking for Hosts to host future sessions.   You are invited to join us in the best weekly rag chew in the area: 

The 985 Round Table… Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.    on the W3GMS repeater  —   The repeater website is www.w3gmsrepeater.com     New to the roundtable?  Checking-in late?  Can’t stay very long? That’s fine; check-in anyway!  You are always welcome… and the roundtable often lasts until about 10:00.   –  –  – To avoid the first syllable of your transmission being cut off, wait one second before talking.  Click, Wait, Talk.Willing to serve as a roundtable host from time to time?  Feel free to contact Jim, AF3Z – jagoudie@comcast.net, or Phil, KC3CIB – kc3cib@gmail.com for helpful information and to discuss scheduling   

Don’t let yourself be cut off!  There is a 3-minute timer on the repeater and it will cut you off if you talk too long.  Never fear.  You can reset it very easily; simply let up on press-to-talk button for a moment.  There’s no need to wait for the repeater carrier drop.

Latest News November 2020

November 28, 2020 update

The link antennas for echolink. No description provided


Pennsylvania is now enforcing an order that requires face masks to be worn.

EMCOMM, EMergency COMMunications.

The repeater now has battery back up emergency power in the event of a power outage.

In case of the repeater being off air, the emcomm protocol for 985 will be using 146.985 Mhz SIMPLEX. It is suggested that you program a “memory channel” for 146.985 simplex, NO PL Tone, 0.000 Mhz offset (may have to change the auto repeater offset to 0.000 Mhz).

A Ham’s Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing by K9YC

I think it was a broken link on the first email notice. This should take you to the full article

Here is a link to an article, “A Ham’s guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns and Audio interfacing. This is a well written, by an expert, about RFI, Baluns and Audio Interfacing. It is in down to earth terms where you DO NOT have to be an EE to understand. Jim also writes articles for the ARRL. Definitely worth the read. http://k9yc.com/RFI-Ham.pdf


REPEATER BACKUP SIMPLEX FREQUENCY (in the event the repeater is off-air)

146.985 Mhz Simplex (NO PL TONE). When programming, you may have to  manually set repeater offset to 0.000 Mhz). It is suggested that you program a “memory channel” for 146.985 simplex, NO PL Tone, 0.000 Mhz offset (may have to change the auto repeater offset to 0.000 Mhz).  

I was just informed that the power  must be out at the repeater site.

The protocol, during an outage is to use 146.985 simplex with NO pl tone. NOT REVERSE

When using announce that you are “985 simplex”

Hopefully the power will be restored soon.