TV Show, What Hams Do, Tonight on YouTube, tonight 8 PM

The following was forwarded by ARRL Eastern PA Coordinator Jay Silber.

See how local hams participated in a public service event, including our own, Steve WU3I and Corbin K3HXW.

See the following verbiage and link:

Public Service in Amateur Radio is one key reason ¾ of a million Americans have ham radio licenses. Watch public service in Amateur radio in all its glory during Sunday night’s premiere of the 6th Edition of What Hams Do… the TV show, at 8 PM at this link – – Learn how 149 amateur radio volunteers made this year’s MS150 City to Shore Bike ride a $3.5 million fund raising success for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The incredible ham radio volunteer team kept bike riders safe from one end of the route to the other. Amateur Radio operators manned support and gear wagons, dispatched emergency medical help when needed, assisted and guided riders at rest stops and maintained communications from points about a mile apart from the city to the shore.

Chat live during our YouTube Premiere and join participants in the show and others to talk about the superlative work Amateur Radio Operators perform at Public Service events throughout North America.

The Link:

The Time: 8 PM

The Day and Date: Sunday, November 7th

Action Item: Send this link to anyone you know interested in giving back to their community. Ham Radio is a great way to serve.

See you all there,


Jay Silber (WA2UAR)

Public Information Coordinator

ARRL-Eastern Pennsylvania

Tel: 610 662-8032


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