Drone 985 tower inspection

Repost.  For those who have not seen what the repeater site looks like, watch the video of the tower inspection by drone.

Drone inspection by Ken WB4AM.  The easy way to get up 100 feet.  What a view!

4 thoughts on “Drone 985 tower inspection

  1. I have been up that tower several times over the years and its nice to see the view I remember! These days, we are always looking for tower climbers. Thanks to Ken-WB4AM for being our latest climber and for taking those great drone pictures.

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  2. This is a really neat video. I’d love to know what model antennas are in use on the tower. I thought I may have spotted a Hustler UHF antenna about half way up. I could not see the antenna on top or on the standoff just below. Great repeater!!


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